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R&D capabilities

About our Team:

The company has an outstanding technical team, consisting of national engineering design masters, senior engineers, engineers, assistant engineers, senior technicians, and technicians etc. The technical personnel structure covers metallurgical engineering, mechanical design, thermal engineering, materials, chemical analysis, computer and other specialities. More than 95% of them have college degree above. Our technical team carries out long-term industry-university-research cooperation with research institutes and universities.


The company has successfully developed a series of products including new-type copper cooling staves, electric furnace copper cooling equipments, copper plate tuyeres, precision copper parts (rotor short circuit ring & copper bar), and other products which have been successfully industrialized. The main technical performances and the key technologies of design and manufacture have reached the international advanced level, of which the patented technology "copper plate overlapped hole type cooling stave " has outstanding advanced features and remarkable energy saving effect, which has won the second prize of national Science and Technology Progress Award and the 12th China Patent Gold Award.


In 2000, the company undertook the research of the key national technology innovation program “development and application of copper cooling staves”, having built China's first production line of copper cooling staves, which won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology. In 2010, the company undertook the major technological special project of the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong - “the development and industrialization of high strength and high conductivity copper alloy and high-precision parts", having built the first 300t production line of precision copper parts for motors in Guangdong. In 2012, the company carried out a comprehensive strategic cooperation project of the Academy of Sciences in the province in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences - “the development and application of new rare earth copper-chromium-zirconium alloy”, laying a solid foundation for the future development and applications of copper alloy; in 2013, the company introduced the "efficient heat transmission and energy saving and emission reduction integration technology team" and the introduction of innovation and entrepreneurship team project was approved by Guangdong Province in the Yangfan Program; in 2014, the company speeded up the innovation in intelligent manufacturing, and carried out the "copper plate tuyeres robot welding station" and “conducting bars ultrasonic automated detector system" and other development projects.


In 2007, the company was identified as Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center and Guangdong high-efficient energy-saving heat-exchange equipment engineering technology research and development center. It also successfully applied the advanced technology of copper cooling equipment to the ferroalloy submerged arc furnace, non-ferrous smelting furnace, coal chemical furnace, chemical high-temperature reactors and other industries, to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and technological progress of the above industrial sectors. The company’s R & D center is equipped with advanced R & D testing equipment, mainly including new metallurgy cooling equipment thermal simulation laboratory, enhanced heat transfer laboratory, fluid mechanics laboratory and metal performance analysis laboratory and other comprehensive supporting development and testing facilities, gathering together a high-level research and development team. The company maintains continuous cooperation with well-known research institutions, having formed the enterprise-university-research institute cooperation mechanism, while promoting the construction of the technical innovation system, training cutting-edge technological talents, developing high value-added and high-technological-content products through the integration of internal and external resources, to consolidate the high-end market.


Technical Support:

The company persists in providing quality services, including pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.
o Pre-sales services: according to user needs, we provide free technical advices about the product, as well as relevant technical information and technical communication but not involving intellectual property rights;
o In-sales services: according to users’ specific conditions, we provide design solutions; we will provide further detailed design drawings, quality inspection outlines, etc. after confirmation, which will serve as the basis for acceptance and installation after passing the examination;
o After-sales service: during product installation, we provide users with technical guidance for installation. After the product is put into use, the technical quality problems will be addressed according to the terms of the contract or technical agreement.

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